Fast Brass has the inventory and machinery to supply even the largest ammunition companies with ready-to-load brass. Save the hassle of sorting, processing, and cleaning, and concentrate on LOADING ammo.


We regularly ship drum and gaylord quantities throughout the country. Our well-maintained equipment can produce upwards of 250,000 pieces of brass per day.


We will buy your mixed brass and can also process and clean your drum-quantity-sorted brass. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for more info.


  • We Commit to Having the Best Equipment Possible
  • 10+ Million Pieces in Inventory (We Have It When You Need It)
  • We Believe Telling the Customer the Truth is Better Than Telling Them What They Want to Hear
  • Our Quality is our Our Salesman
  • Average Scrap Rates Less Than 1 per 1000 – We Keep Your Machines Running
  • We'll Earn Your Business One Case At A Time


Purpose Designed and Built Processors

  • Pressure Checked
  • Deprimed
  • Primer Pocket Checked
  • Reamed to Remove Primer Crimp
  • Sized to and Trimmed to SAAMI Spec
  • Multiple Gauges Used to Ensure Quality


  •  Wet Wash Facilitates Brilliant Shine and Debris Free Primer Pockets
  • Heated Cob Dryer Gives Our Brass A "Like New" Look