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1050 Toolheads


These enhanced toolheads made by On Point MFG, LLC are designed to be stronger and more capable than the factory Dillon toolheads. Machined in the USA out of high quality steel, these have more material and better geometry to reduce bending and fatigue. Adjustable front alignment pin ensures the shellplate is aligned before dies touch taller cases. Adjustable casefeed cam is closer to the slide to reduce the chance of bending the roller bolt, and lets you fine-tune the casefeed plunger for perfect operation. Clearance is provided for the Dillon Powder Check die assemblies. A pocket between the 2nd and 3rd station leaves room for the Ammo-Bot® case extractor. The priming-station hole is threaded, unlike factory toolheads, for even more versatility.

Enhanced Processing Toolheads are specifically designed for processing brass and converting .300 AAC brass, without the unnecessary priming parts. We offer three options: Zero, One, or Two cutouts for trimmers. Zero cutout toolheads work as an OEM toolhead would for processing most calibers. For those looking to convert and trim .300 AAC, the One-Cutout and Two-Cutout toolheads provide clearance for the trimmers. Two cutouts allow the use of two trimmers at once, if you so choose.

Looking for another custom feature? We can help. Message us with your requests for custom orders.

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    I’v been running the duel trimming set up in converting our 223/556 to 300aac. This is by far the best tool head and set up we’ve found in making the most contestant 300 black out brass. Great job done by On Point MFG.

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